Development Organizations

The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund
Regardless of what is said about these two (and they certainly have had a lot to say about each other recently), a great deal of 'development' is created and funded by these two groups. In addition, researchers from the respective organizations have created a wealth of data worth looking at, even if reading between the lines is often also called for. 50 Years is Enough has a page devoted to why you shouldn't like the IMF and the World Bank

The World Trade Organization

The Inter-American Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank

The African Development Bank

The United Nations Development Program

The International Labour Organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization

The World Food Program

The United Nations Children's Fund
UNICEF - One of the better known of the United Nations' programs. Their official goal is to help children living in poverty in developing countries. This task encompasses quite a lot these days, including helping mothers.

The World Health Organization

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization - One of my favourites, this organization (in addition to its other good works) designates places as a particularly notable example of cultural or natural beauty. In other words, they make a great travel guide!

The Economic Commision for Latin America and the Caribbean

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Multinational Corporation Analysis


Global Policy Forum - in addition to its primary foci - monitoring policy making at the United Nations, promoting accountability of global decisions, and encouraging citizen participation - This website has an excellent set of links related to defining and describing the issues of Globalization.

Transnational Corporations Observatory

Third World Network

Global Ethics Monitor

Global trade Watch

Debtweek, which hopes to compel governments and international financial institutions to cancel and/or repudiate illegitimate debt in poverty stricken nations.

Jubilee USA Network


The Guardian Observer has a Corporate Accountability site with subjects like "Golden Parachutes" and "Global Debt Protests"

Economic Analysis

OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (Disclaimer - I used to work for these folks.)

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Development Organizations

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Economic Analysis

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