Well, the renewer's conference was a quick flash in the pan, with lots of speakers and so forth, some of which was useful, some of which was dull, some of which was downright insipid. As with all conferences, you take what you get.

The conference was held in the Portopia Hotel in Kobe. It was a spiffy hotel, and was in a nice area with some other interesting buildings. Our hotel was in fact so nice it even looked good reflected off other buildings.

Since we stayed in different hotels, everyone had a different view ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) from their hotel. Some nice, some not so.

People photos were somewhat scarce, but here's a group shot in one of the rooms, and here's another on the shuttle bus. We spent a lot of time in elevators, going to different rooms et cetera, and the fact that this shot exists proves that fact. Another reflection of life is this photo of Eric being enthralled by the speakers from the government.

After the conference is of course when the real fun began, as all the various JETs made their way about the Kansai regions for the weekend. Read on!

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