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Photos from Japan, 2000

Having survived the New Year's bash at Haus Ten Bosch, my (then) girlfriend Julie and I returned to Saga, and then headed to Aso, an amazing mountain area with an active volcano. After that, we made a couple of trips around Saga Ken.

The aforementioned girlfriend actually became an ex-girlfriend in February. In addition, a trip to Korea, cold weather in Kyushu (with occasional bouts of snow), sickness for a week or so after our return from Korea, and a bout of lunacy at the end of the month which resulted in me staying in Japan an additional year.

March brought spring, drives around Kyushu, and a week in Taiwan. March also brought a very active social calendar, and changes in the schools I teach at.

Kim's friend Servane came for a week in April, perfect timing as the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom. I took many random of the CIRs (Andrew and Josh) and my fellow ALTs. I even managed to squeeze in a weekend in Aso. Once school started again, I did some of the usual school things like climbing a mountain with the students.

May started for me in Thailand, and after that I spent about two weeks recovering from the wonders of Thai water. Finally returning to work, I was treated to the wonders of ironworking at Tosu Kogyo, and finally ended my month with a visit to the Takori's for a barbeque and a visit to Kobe for a conference.

In June, the Kobe Renewer's Conference left me with loads of time to travel all around the Kansai region. Unfortunately, after that was just more *expletive deleted* conferences. I also took some photos of the apartments for the new people to see.

The end of one year of JETs, the beginning of the next. Lots of hello/goodbye pictures. Also, photos of my Pepsiman bottle caps and an English Camp in Takeo.

I headed home for a couple of weeks, which was an odd experience. Photos from home and (a couple) from the dragonboat races.

My 25th birthday, pics of people, a trip to Shikoku, the land that development forgot (thank goodness!), and shots from Kashima Shrine and its environs.

October began with a weekender to Nagoya and the Japanese Alps. Probably the first and last time I'll see a wasabi farm. Then lots of people shots, during the office trip to Kumamoto Ken, the office softball game, and Halloween.

Not an awful lot in November - Kim made a visit to the paper makers near town, and got some great shots out there. Other than that, just my trip to Okinawa for four days.

Seems like I was busy during December, but I couldn't tell you what I was doing to save my life. Regardless, on December 24th I departed for Cambodia and Thailand, which I managed to survive, and came back in time to be sick and cold as Saga experienced as close as this place gets to blizzard conditions.