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Photos from Japan, 1999

Photos before October, 1999
All the early stuff, including the Saga city festival and random shots from around Saga, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka.
October, 1999
A trip to Kagoshima, some pictures from a sports day, a quick description of Yabusame, and loads of pictures of people and events.
November, 1999
Saga Balloon Fiesta, Karatsu Kunchi, all the great stuff Saga Ken has to offer. And, of course, random photos.
December, 1999
Photos from many of the big sights of Honshu. Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and lots of other shots.
My Millenium Photos
My ex-girlfriend Julie and I went to Haus Ten Bosch for the big millenium party.