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Previous Photos from Paris

I've tried to keep these in some sort of order, but I'm afraid at some point I changed the way I sort things. More or less, these photos go from December, 2004 back to August, 2003.

To begin, photos from our exciting Christmas weekend with Sarah. Don't miss the photos of me with socks!

We finally managed to get a Christmas Tree up, and the apartment now looks all festive.

Having tried multiple times to make it down to Madrid, I finally took a day off work and we flew down for a three day visit. It was a lovely relaxing time and, as always, there are many pictures.

The last weekend in October was a three day weekend for me, so Sasha and I headed down south to meet a friend in Bordeaux. I've also added additional photos of Chatou, mostly of our apartment.

While we were homeless in September, we took a quick trip to Egypt to see our friend Jason, who has been living over there for the past couple of years.

We went on a day trip to Rouen, which was the last trip we took before moving house (or becoming semi-homeless).

In August of 2004 we took a weekend trip to Rennes, which was a little scary, but overall quite fun!

Went to Finland. Had my camera stolen. Bought a new camera. Took lots of pictures. Came back to find someone had tried to break into my flat as well.

Summer 2004, while Sasha's parents were in town, we finally went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where I took lots of pictures of the city. There were some truly amazing views.

Some photos from a Pride parade we stumbled onto downtown. I hadn't heard anything about it, although I hadn't been looking, and then, there it was! Loud, good fun!

Once we got started with our spring travelling, it never really stopped. After going to Ireland, we headed to Avignon, in the south of France. At one point this was where the pope lived, so the city is amazing.

Before Avignon, we visited Ireland. We actually went to a lot of the same places I went the last time I visited while I was doing my trip around the world in 2001, but it's such a lovely place I feel as though I could go back every week and not get enough. May have to live there someday.

We made a quick trip to London to get my visa (so I could legally work in France). We stayed with Sasha's friends and made a trip down to Brighton one day.

We finally managed to escape Paris for a little while, and zipped over on the fast train to Brussels, Belgium. We failed, however, to bring back any chocolate, so the next trip is already being planned!

For those wondering, there are a zillion photos from the Louvre. We decided early on the best way to do it was to become members of the Louvre, and thus we've been many times. I've finally managed to get some of the photos online! Maybe more someday!

I took some random photos around Paris in early March.

February, 2004 was a crazy busy month! First, Trine came to visit, then Brad and Erin came to Paris, and finally Sarah and her friend stopped by.

We headed over to Troyes (in Champagne, about 150km East of Paris) for a day trip. It's an amazing city, full of timber-framed houses and lots and lots of churches.

One of the people from the American Cathedral departed, and I took a few pictures of the party.

Paris had a huge Chinese New Year's celebration which included 'painting' the eiffel tower red!

We made a day trip to Chartres to see the city and the cathedral.

Lots of pictures from the Seine, on a clear winter's day.

...And in 2003, yet more photos, including:

Photos from New Year's Eve.

Photos of our second trip to Switzerland for Christmas.

Sarah Coburn came to visit over Thanksgiving weekend, and we took lots of photos.

A visit to the catacombs of Paris.

Photos from the Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Photos from the Musée D'Orsay

Photos of our road trip to Larchant

Photos of Notre Dame

Photos of our first apartment in Paris

Photos of our trip to Switzerland to see Sasha's brother's family.

Photos of some tourist spots in Paris, taken on my 28th birthday (September 19, 2003).

Photos of a trip to the basilica of St. Denis

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