Well, now it's April. March came and went, lots of days spent sitting on my bum not teaching. The first half of April is much the same, leading to a certain lack of enthusiasm on many of our parts for the JET program. But then we got our new schools, classes started back up, and with all the fresh new teachers and students, life was peachy again. Or moving towards peachy, anyway.

Kim's friend Servane came for a week early on, perfect timing as the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom here in Saga. I took many random pictures of evenings out with the CIRs (Andrew and Josh) and other strange goings on, and since I was at Kencho so much, sitting on my duff, I managed to get a few photos of my co-workers. I even managed to squeeze in a weekend in Aso. Once school started again, I did some of the usual school things like climbing a mountain. The rest of April should be teaching classes until Golden Week, then off to Thailand for the last of April / beginning of May.

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