My apartment

The living room is maybe 12 ft. square, with a slightly sloping wall closest to the window (because we live on the top floor).

We found the living room with a bizarre table and chair set done in a primitive African motif. By and large we can't / won't use the chairs, and the table isn't very functional either, as it has a large hole in the middle and sides taller than the table 'top'.

The bedroom is perhaps 10 ft by 12 ft, again with the sloping wall.

Both the living room and bedroom have these cool metal shades over the lights:

The kitchen is small and slightly triangular. At its widest, it is maybe 8ft wide. At the narrowest point, I can touch both walls simultaneously, so probably 6ft wide. It is perhaps 10ft long.

We live pretty high up, in a lively neighbourhood on the North-East side of town.