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December 2018 Links

Links from the month of December that I either shared, or wanted to but decided I had already shared too much that day on social media.
Emergency room bills: what I learned from reading 1,182 ER bills - Vox
Jered Threatin - A conversation with a false rock god - BBC News
Human rights body calls on US school to ban electric shocks on children | US news | The Guardian - This one simply confused me - was someone still using electroshock? Turns out, yes.
The White House Is Committed to Its War on Immigrant Children | GQ
The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century - The Atlantic
How Iowa Flattened Literature
Q: A Single Term That Includes All Sexual Minorities - The Atlantic
Donald Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees - The Atlantic - This one also confused me - I assumed there was a typo - surely they didn't mean Vietnam?
10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life - Darius Foroux - Pocket
Revealed: Google's 'two-tier' workforce training document | Technology | The Guardian
AI thinks like a corporation—and that’s worrying - Open Voices
MP causes uproar in parliament by grabbing mace in Brexit protest | Politics | The Guardian
Kent 'facing gridlocked and rubbish-strewn streets under no-deal Brexit' | Politics | The Guardian
Arkansas poverty rate 8th highest, median household income 3rd lowest - Talk Business & Politics
Vape manufacturers are copying Big Tobacco’s playbook - The Verge
Let’s be honest about what’s really driving Brexit: bigotry | Matthew d’Ancona | Opinion | The Guardian
Mexico's great gamble: 'Trump plays poker, but Lopez Obrador plays chess'
Los estudiantes marxistas, los nuevos enemigos del Gobierno chino | Internacional | EL PAÍS