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back to life

Since the election, I've been doing two things - catching up on housework, and writing Spanish papers for the class I've been taking. I suppose it is more accurate to say 'three things', as I've also started searching for jobs. Our yard and garden took a particular hit over the past few months as I virtually ignored them completely - my hops went brown on the vine, and our azelia bushes got fairly out of control. Fortunately the grass was kept in check mostly by the fact that I like to mow when I need to think, so even during the campaign it didn't get completely away from us (I'm sure the city would have let us know if it had!) Rachel also moved into her own apartment, so we can start cleaning the house from top to bottom and rebuilding the guest room. The office was a dumping ground for campaign notes, documents, etc. so there's still a good amount of work to do to get it in order, but hopefully time will present itself for that.

I'm also, obviously, trying to move into blogging a bit more, and social media a bit less. I might even do a few items of upkeep on the website, which is at this point several years (decades) out of date. Decades. Wow. I learned what the internet was about 25 years ago, and of all the things I packrat, my digital life is the one I'm happiest I stashed away since forever. I think I'm lucky to have been aware from day one, basically, that digital stuff is stupidly fragile, and so I've kept backups of my backups since forever.