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Costa Rica

HummingbirdWe were in Costa Rica for a couple months, Sasha teaching a class and me taking an inordinate number of photos of the incredible wildlife. I got a new camera lens, a Sigma 150-500 if you're interested, so I was able to get a lot closer to the wildlife, at the expense of dragging around a lens that weighs 15 pounds. We got back yesterday, and I've started the extremely slow process of going through the ~4000 photos I took. I set up an instagram for the photos, which is here, and we'll see if I can keep it going for a while - I'm using scheduling software to post things somewhat regularly, but it requires a minimum of one per day, which is a lot of photos to schedule. In the meantime, here's a hummingbird that lived at the ecolodge we stayed at.

The ecolodge was crazy weird - it's run by the University of Georgia, and if you ever go to Costa Rica I strongly recommend it. There were volunteer naturalists who would tell you all about all sorts of things, lead you on guided tours, etc. etc., all included in the price of admission. We ate every day in a cafeteria style setting, and although rice and beans featured prominently it was tasty every day.

After a week getting my bearings, we did a road trip to the Caribbean side, as well as San Jose, before coming back for a couple more weeks. Then we headed to the Pacific coast for a while, and the students and other faculty headed off. We finished at a town near a volcano, doing some of the traditional adventure-y things like white water rafting.

Now it's back to the grind - I'm going to start my job search, and get back into doing all the usual stuff, going to community events etc.