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MAY 31

May could lose majority in June 8 election - YouGov projection | Reuters
Guardian's Ben Jacobs gets new glasses after assault by Montana congressman | US news | The Guardian

MAY 29

Best Learning Tools for Those with Short Attention Spans

MAY 28

Black Lives Matter in Journal of Political Philosophy: Philosophers published a series written entirely by white professors — Quartz
Australian convict pirates in Japan: evidence of 1830 voyage unearthed | Australia news | The Guardian
2 'Heroes' Stabbed To Death Standing Up To Muslim Hate In Portland | HuffPost

MAY 26

Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms - NYTimes.com

MAY 25

Google Translate of German article on Trump
The Looming Retail Bailout
Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth | Africa | Al Jazeera

MAY 24

Rodrigo Duterte Declares Limited Martial Law As Militants Seize Parts Of Marawi City : The Two-Way : NPR
US leak of Manchester attacker's name strikes new blow to intelligence sharing | UK news | The Guardian