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2017 continues, and the news isn't good

Little Rock protest against Muslim banI find myself needing to cut back on social media - there were a few days there when I was all rage, all the time. There's been a lot happening, and unfortunately none of it has been good (though it is clear to me that not everyone shares this sentiment, which is also unfortunate). So we went two weekends in a row to a protest at the state capital, with more planned. But there's a real danger of rage fatigue, so I'm working hard to keep a balance.

In the meantime we're having the house redone a bit, which means some crazy days of people wandering through the house with saws and drills and lots and lots of dust and noise. In the end I think it will be worth it. We had a lucky break when someone sold the vanity we had purchased, so they sold us the display, saving us a bunch of money. But for the most part it's all money going out. I think the result will be worth the pain.

Also in the meantime, classes have started, and I'm teaching as well as taking. It's busy, and hard work, and I occasionally wonder if I'm too old to keep up, or if I was just better at drowning when I was younger. But the learning is interesting, and I'm told it will keep my brain nimble.

I've also made a pledge to myself to head to the gym when I go to campus, which so far I have been doing. No results yet, but it's early days.