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Holiday cheer

Gaming computer built, with a new Ryzen processor! Also, a couple months have passed, I've sucessfully submitted my grades for the Microecon class I was teaching this fall, and I have a lead on a job for the Spring, in addition to the classes I'll probably be teaching.

As part of having some actual free time, I've started messing with the website (as I always do when I have free time). I've created a 'travel' directory that I'm going to put all that stuff in. I was recently looking (last night, actually, while waiting for final exams to come in) at what people do with their personal web pages these days. This one has been around so long I can hardly believe it (coming up on 20 years, with some content even older!) and I thought, especially since I'm job searching, that it might be worth getting at least the front page in shape.

With the holidays upon us, I feel like I should write some sort of Christmas letter, to at least post here even if there's no danger we'll get Christmas cards out. The question, like most of the questions we ask ourselves these days, is how much to make public. If the internet is fundamentally a nice place full of nice people, I could just write what I want. But I think we can safely agree that some of the optimism of years past just isn't there anymore.

Of course, if the FCC moves ahead with their Net Neutrality rollback it won't much matter, since nobody is going to pay to access my website.

In addition to a lot of random paid work this year, I've done a lot of random unpaid work - I've gotten myself set as data person for a couple of political organizations, in addition to my nonprofit involvement.

I'm fairly excited for one thing that's happening this Spring - a grad student is doing her project on building a pedestrian master plan for my fair town (Conway, AR) and that should help move things forward. My weakness has always been delegation, but in this case I feel very comfortable turning the whole thing over to someone who can devote the time and energy to it that it needs!

OK. I've been sitting at this computer too long. Time to stand up, and maybe even take a shower (it's good to get dressed for the day before noon!)