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New Year

2017. We were offline (or, more accurately, running radio silent) while we were in Bermuda for a couple of weeks, but now we're back for a new year. We managed to send holiday cards to a pile of people this year, then promptly found the box of cards we had actually intended to send. So we'll probably do it again next year, even though it's a bit of an operation.

We're having a snow day today, the first in a while, so naturally we're running out of milk, which is what happens to all Southerners, as near as we can tell, when it snows. I have some sort of awful cold that hit me the day after we got back from vacation, which on the one hand is awful and on the other hand is quite OK, at least as far as timing is concerned.

We've also started our New Year's Resolution, which is to clean the attic. It's... enlightening... to see how much stuff we haven't needed in the nearly two years since we got back from Europe. Of course, some things (like the Christmas cards) were just lost in the shuffle, and I'm sure more is going to turn up shortly.

I'm teaching a class again this Spring, which should be easier since this is the second time I've taught it. I do have some prep to do for it, so hopefully my head will clear before it's time to start teaching. Again, though, that's more than a week off, so the timing of this (cold? flu?) is pretty fortunate.