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elections 1

I haven't mentioned the elections happening in the states, even though I've been following them quite closely. In part this is because, for all the hot air, there wasn't really much to say. I knew who I liked, others knew who they liked, we probably weren't going to agree, unless we already did. The Republican field was insanely large, the Democratic field was weirdly small, and the press had decided their narrative.

Then Iowa happened, which gave us some actual data, and things got a little more interesting. Trump wasn't as strong as people thought, and Sanders was far stronger than many gave him credit for.

Now that there are actual votes happening the election is a lot more fun. It's still weird we have to do this for the next couple months, before we even get to the actual campaign.

I was about to type that all this lead up to the real campaign means we don't get an Ed Miliband type situation where the candidate is truly awful, and then I remembered that guy who ran against Obama (seriously, every time the topic comes up I can't remember his name - it's Mitt Romney) or Al Gore. So we just waste a lot of time and still might end up with some stinkers.

Much more importantly for us, we have local elections coming up at the same time. At this point I don't know who is running, but I know that will really matter to the city in a way that the president most likely will not.